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3 things you should know before visiting Isla Mujeres

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One of the Best Caribbean Destinations you can choose for your next beach getaway it’s definitely Isla Mujeres. It’s a small paradise island located north Cancún, Quintana Roo. It’s perfect to disconnect for a couple of days and enjoy nature’s calm. If you want to start preparing your trip, here you have 3 things you need to know before visiting Isla Mujeres. Take notes!

1. Safety first

Among the things we like the most about Isla Mujeres it’s to know that it is a small island known for its variety of sport activities. Due to a good part of its visitors are tourists, the atmosphere that is created is quite relaxing, ensuring a peaceful stay.

Being an island, the most used means of transport is the golf cart, so you can rent them to tour the island on a daily basis.

Keeping yourself safe during your stay, it’s also part of security, so when visiting Isla Mujeres, we strongly recommend taking out a travel insurance or confirm that your insurance for major medical expenses covers care abroad to be sure that you will be covered for any mishap that may arise during your trip.

2. Best time to visit

Even though island’s weather tends to be nice at any time of the year. There are some seasons that could adjust better to certain activities. That’s why we also recommend you plan your Isla Mujeres visit during the season that suits them better.

If you want to enjoy the sea and its beautiful views with clear sky, we recommend you visiting Isla Mujeres during spring the best season to do so is just before Spring Break and Holy week. It'll be the perfect time to be on the beach and spend the day in the swimming pool!

If what you want to do is swimming with whale sharks, we suggest you traveling between May and September, since you’ll find a great tour variety for an extreme experience and getting to know this species. In addition, during June the Whale Shark Festival is usually held, one of the largest gatherings of this species in one place!

You should also consider that the hurricane season begins in June, so there may be frequent rains and storms, which complicates water activities a bit.

3. Things to do

Nature connection, doing sport activities and good food won’t be lacking in your Isla Mujeres visit. Without a doubt, these are three things you should do.

Nature connection

Playa Norte and Playa Sur are two virgin beaches that are known for their calm waters, sargassum-free and that have the Blue Flag distinction.

You should also go to know the Parque Punta Sur with viewpoints and cliffs that allow you to witness the sunrise in the first row on this Mexican island.

Sport activities Among mandatory stops for adventure is Parque Garrafón, an eco-park where you can enjoy the reefs, excursions, bike rides and practice snorkeling and kayaking.

In addition, the Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA for its initials in spanish) is an incredible experience where you can see 500 monumental works that mix in the depths of the turquoise waters of the island. You can appreciate them while snorkeling, diving or on the transparent boat tour.

Good food

It is not news that the sea is obviously the best place to eat seafood and in Isla Mujeres you’ll find several restaurant options by the sea for a delicious meal with an incredible view and a 100% tropical environment.

As if that wasn’t enough, Isla Mujeres has multiple accommodation options that you can locate near the attractions of your interest to enjoy your visit to the fullest. Go on an adventure and rediscover nature visiting Isla Mujeres!

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